the last days of summer (thundercloud73) wrote,
the last days of summer

almost happy

so my boyfriend (who is GORGEOUS) and i broke up. and i know ti wasnt my weight. and i know it really wasnt anything but his disinterest.. but i dont know.. it hurts alot.

i want to cry but i cant.

so what did i eat today?

5 4" stalks of celery and a 5 calorie boullion cube emersed in 3 cups of water.

i'm almost done with my soup. and i just weighed myself.


now i know its just a lie, but if i dont eat anything else today (which is the goal) and nothing tomorrow, except maybe broth... no, its little fuckin allowances like THAT that kill diets! no broth. nothing tomorrow, oh but i really need to get trashed to rid myself of a broken heart.. but liquor= sooo many cals. damn.
but i dont have to drink so much if i havent eaten. ahhhh!

alright. good job chase.
no just keep it up. sigh. i know its just water weight but you guys.. i wish i could really lose 3.5 pounds in one day.
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